Have you ever wondered why doctors advice pregnant women to take prenatal vitamins? Wonder no more because not only are these vitamins meant to ensure a regular supply of vital nutrients for the developing fetuses, they have also proven to have other additional benefits that cannot be overlooked. Some pregnant women have reported a boost in overall health, which includes hair growth, healthy skin as well as healthy nails. If the current statistics are anything to go by, then prenatal vitamins, which are basically available in form of prenatal pills, are a great hair growth booster, and can prove effective even on thinning hair.

Folic acid is perhaps the most common vitamin taken by pregnant women. It helps prevent brain and spinal defects in developing fetuses. It is to be mentioned that all prenatal pills contain a fair amount of folic acid, which is also believed to be a great hair growth booster as it regulates cell creation and regeneration.

These basic facts give credibility to the odds of an existing connection between prenatal vitamins and hair growth, regardless of the many arguments that a regular consumption of multivitamin can have the same effects.

The other vital prenatal vitamin is vitamin B12, which is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and DNA functions, not to mention the obvious task of promoting healthy hair growth. This vitamin is mostly found in foods linked to proteins, which are known to be essential during pregnancy and for a healthy lustrous hair.

Statistics show that vitamin B deficiencies can, and have, actually led to hair loss. The simple fact that the major nutrient in prenatal vitamins, folic acid, is a part and parcel of the vitamin B family reinforces the connection between these vitamins and natural hair growth. B Vitamins, like B5, is known to thicken each and every hair strand and at the same time improving the metabolism of the scalp, thus boosting hair growth.

Vitamin E is another important constituent in prenatal vitamins, which has been linked to natural hair growth, thanks to its ability to boost proper blood circulation which facilitates hair growth. In addition to the prenatal pills, other additional sources of this vitamin include whole grains, nuts, and leafy green vegetables.

The last notable prenatal vitamin is Vitamin C, an important nutrient in the developing fetus and in natural hair growth. It is known to increase collagen, which is normally found in a normal and healthy scalp. This vitamin has also proven very effective in maintaining as much hair as possible, while thickening the strands to make them even stronger. Vitamin C works by moisturizing hair strands, making them less prone to heat and chemical damage.

When all is said and done, a proper diet coupled with regular exercises and a consumption of the much needed prenatal vitamins will without a shadow of a doubt boost your hair growth.