Rogaine hair loss treatment is one of the few original hair loss products in the market, and prides in being the first to ever get approval from the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration). It was approved as the most effective remedy for hair loss. Despite the surfacing of many new products that targets consumers suffering from hair Loss, since Rogaine got its approval first, it continues to be the number one top-seller.

First things first, Rogaine is a topical foam that is applied on the scalp directly. For maximum results, the manufacturer recommends an application of two times a day for a period of 4 months. It is available in two formulas, for both men and women. Something needs to be corrected here first. While both men and women experience hair loss and baldness, it is a well known fact that women are the most affected, I mean, who needs the treatment more?

While a man has to content with testosterone hormone and genetic composition problems, a woman will need to look and feel fabulous and beautiful. They say the beauty of a woman is in her hair, how else then, will a woman look beautiful with thinning and balding hair, even if she dons the most expensive outfit? It is no wonder Rogaine hair loss treatment is always believed to be targeted to the female species.

It is to be mentioned that while Rogaine is an effective treatment on its own, its level of efficacy is significantly affected by several things, such as fungal infections in the body, hormonal imbalances, underlying serious illnesses, and your lifestyle, all which can have a negative effect and get reflected on your balding hair. Your lifestyle too plays a significant role when it comes to exacerbating the condition.  Chemical substances that find their way in hair extensions and hair coloring products can also be blamed for triggering the problem in your head.

Perhaps you have checked online and found information that a daily consumption of foods containing vital nutrients and vitamins is all you need to get your natural hair growth back. This is a fact for sure, but it is to be mentioned that you rarely get enough nutrients from your dietary intake to rely on it completely to solve your hair loss problems. You will need a practical solution, and this might as well mean trying Rogaine first before any other product in the market.

How Rogaine Works

The product is made up of the drug Minoxidil, the only drug in the world today that has been tested in clinical labs and proven to regrow lost hair. It is to be mentioned that Rogaine was the first treatment for hair loss to incorporate the Minoxidil drug as an active ingredient in its formula. It works by opening up clogged hair follicles and repelling the DHT hormone, a substance that contributes to hair loss.

So Does Rogaine Really Work?


It would be misleading to say that Rogaine is a natural hair loss treatment. One thing though is for sure, if the current statistics are anything to go by, then Rogaine actually works as a hair loss treatment. While it has some minor side effects, the good news is that the side effects only affect a very small percentage of users. Notable side effects include dandruff, itching, and scalp irritation.

The fact that Rogaine is FDA approved means that in and of itself is very effective, at least to a majority of users. The most interesting thing is that this product will save you a lot in terms of money and time. Days of visiting a dermatologist and paying hefty fees are over. All you need to do is shop online for Rogaine, a platform that even provides you with unbiased reviews of the products.