Hair transplantation is the method of moving a hair follicle from a donor to the recipient’s bald or balding parts or reallocating hair follicles from one part of the head to another; usually from the back of the head to the balding part. After transplanting the hair to the new region it continues to grow same like it would have grown in the region from which it was taken. The colour, width and other characteristics remain the same in the transplanted hair.

There are many benefits of transplanting hair; the obvious benefit is that it enhances physical appearance. There are several other benefits that come from this surgical treatment which provide mental relief, emotional and social benefits. Hair transplantation is one among the advanced cosmetic surgery procedures and could be an option for anyone who experiences hair loss, who wants to get back their natural look.

Your overall appearance will improve along with a noticeable increase in your confidence level. There are many innovations and new techniques that have emerged with this surgery that have made it much less risky. This surgery is done using micrografts, a micrograft is a unit of 2 or 3 hairs. Different types of hair transplantation include:

  • Micrografts transplantation
  • Punch graft
  • Mini- micrografting
  • Slit grafts
  • Strip grafts

Benefits of hair transplantation:

  • It is an extremely safe procedure
  • The area where hair has been removed (donor site) looks unchanged
  • Blood circulation remains the same in the place where treatment has been performed; the scars might not be visible even with short hair
  • Advanced surgeries do not require extra care or maintenance, it is only a onetime expense and you can change your hair to any style, colour and cut as well
  • The results obtained in this treatment look very natural and cannot be recognised by other people as hair restoration
  • You can get rid of your self-consciousness
  • No stitches are seen

Risks involved in hair transplantation:

  • Sometimes grafts may not take properly and new hair growth might not be seen
  • Some patients are required to go to multiple surgeries depending on their life style and medical history, this could cost them more
  • People with preexisting conditions could have other side effects when undertaking this procedure, so before opting for this you should consider your doctor’s advice and follow their instructions
  • Post-operative swelling
  • Scarring appears for a short period

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