Many men and women across the UK have experiences ailments of the scalp which can make hair washing difficult or irritating to the skin. Thankfully, there is a huge range of medicated shampoos and specific shampoos that can cater for every different hair and scalp care requirement.

Dandruff is experienced by roughly half the population, regardless of gender or race. Our skin cells renew themselves all the time, and when the skin cells are renewed on the scalp area, the old dead cells are pushed to the surface. Dandruff occurs when the renewal of skin cells on the scalp is faster than most, causing more dead cells to be shed—these are the small white flakes of skin seen in a person affected by dandruff.

Anti dandruff shampoo works as it coaxes away the dead skin cells on the scalp but also protecting the existing skin cells. As these cells are now protected after showering, less dandruff is likely to occur. Using the correct shampoo can mean a significant reduction of dandruff flakes, which can have an effect of improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

Sensitive skin is something not uncommon to many people, and can mean a heightened risk of irritation when using shampoos with certain chemicals or allergens in them. Using a shampoo with natural components such as Allantoin or aloes can replenish damaged hair and clean as effectively as a chemically enhanced shampoo. People with sensitive skin should not need to compromise on hair care because of their condition, and thanks to natural ingredients, they don’t have to.

Maintaining the vitality of coloured hair is not an easy process. Many factors can damage the look or coloured hair such as sun exposure, chlorine and extensive heat from hairdryers and straighteners. Nobody likes the look of dyed hair that has faded or been damaged,  so finding the right colour protecting shampoo and conditioner combination is a must for all people with coloured hair. Avoiding direct sunlight exposure on hair is a good way of protecting it, alongside lowering the heat on straighteners and leaving in conditioner before washing it off so your hair can truly reap the benefits. Also, shampooing the hair every day can strip the colour, so washing it less can keep the colour vitality for longer.

Thanks to the revolutionary technologies behind many different hair and scalp care products, anyone with a specific hair type can find the right kind of shampoo or conditioner that suits their individual needs. Finding the right one for you can mean the highest level of hair protection, shine and moisture.

This article was written by Ed at Vosene. We have been keeping hair and scalps healthy and clean since 1949. Check out our range of anti dandruff shampoos!