A receding hairline, as the name would suggest, is a progressive condition where the hair line starts to retreat backwards, and might eventually cause baldness in the whole head, if no measures are taken. Receding hair line affects both men and women, but the prevalence rate is high in men. This condition affects at least 95% of men today, and is mainly attributed to an androgen male hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Biologically, this is an active male hormone, one that spurs the development of secondary sexual characteristics in boys at puberty. As time goes by and changes start to take place in the body, DHT will outlast its functionality, and can lead to uncalled for side effects, top among them the inhibition or interference with natural hair growth.

The odds of a man suffering from a receding hairline are determined by a number of factors, but genetic predisposition plays the largest role. While the condition starts when a man is above the age of 25, hair thinning, which normally starts from the temple backwards, can start when one is still in puberty.

It is to be mentioned that not all men suffer from this condition, or other ill effects of the activities of the DHT. In some situations, DHT production slows down gradually and naturally, but in others, there could be an overproduction, leaving men with the daunting task of finding effective receding hairline treatment. When there is an overproduction of DHT, it accumulates to specific parts of the body, the hair follicles inclusive.

With a surplus of DHT in hair follicles, the flow of blood will naturally be chocked off, meaning your hair will be starved off its natural nutrients, and eventually lead to fall out. Receding hairline treatments therefore work to unclog the chocked hair follicles from the inside out, thus providing enough supplements and nutrients for new and healthy hair growth.

Most treatments for receding hair line work by either replacing the chocked follicles or reducing the negative effects of DHT by the use of oral and topical medications.

There are many options available to prevent a receding hairline or conceal hair loss. Not all have been proven to work. Notable receding hairline treatments include prescription medications Generic and Rogaine, Finasteride (Propecia), as well as flap surgery among other hair restoration surgeries. Treatment is effective for both women and men suffering from a receding hairline, but as previously mentioned, because the condition is more prevalent in men, most treatment options are geared towards the male condition.

It is to be mentioned that even with the most effective receding hairline treatment in the world, there are situations that need to be addressed that could also be making your hairline to start receding. Certain situations such as the presence of too much stress for an extended period of time can lead to a receding hair line, especially in people who are genetically predisposed. So, ensure you strike the perfect mind, body, and soul balance before you can expect the receding hairline treatment of your choice to work.