Growing long, lustrous, and healthy hair is the dream of many, but it can sometimes appear to be easier said than done. Naturally, the average person, when all matters remain constant, receives half an inch to an inch of new hair growth in every one-two months.

While hair growth is to a large extend a factor of good health and genetics, and although there is no proven way, scientifically or otherwise, in which to make hair grow much faster than its natural pace, there are some basic measures that can be done to make the process actually faster. It is to be mentioned that it is such things as hair damage, thinning, and excessive hair loss that contributes to slow or stunted hair growth. As such, when these things are addressed, one can be able to see a significant improvement at the rate in which their hair grows. Before you turn all your focus on your hair, it is also important to know that your lifestyle plays an integral role at the rate at which your hair grows. Taking great care of it is also important, which can mean brushing, washing, and styling your hair well.

Hair, being part and parcel of your body, needs the right nutrition for it to grow faster and remain strong and healthy looking. This can easily be accomplished by a well balanced diet made up of essential minerals and vitamins that boost hair growth. Vitamin supplements can also be of great help, especially those that are specifically designed for boosting the rate at which hair grows. Proteins and irons, as well as Vitamin E, A, B, and C, and Zinc are all great nutrients and minerals that your body needs to facilitate rapid hair growth.

Lifestyle changes can also help with hair growth. Limiting the intake of nicotine and alcohol will not only keep your body healthy, it will also be reflected in your hair. Further, although this is still a subject of debate, some scientists are of the opinion that hair tends to grow much faster when one is sleeping, and so it couldn’t hurt to ensure you give yourself the minimum recommended 8 hours of sleep every day. If not for anything else, at least you will give your body the break it needs to rejuvenate, which might as well be reflected in your hair.

As is therefore evident, proper hair care is all that needs to be done for rapid hair growth. Treating your hair tenderly and taking great care of it will not only keep it healthy but can even boost its growth. Although very resilient, it will still need tender care to avoid breakage and damage. Using harsh chemicals that change the texture or color of your hair should be done with caution, and all hair care products on your head should be gentle enough, and made specifically for your type of hair. It pays to work with a hair profession to avoid last minute surprises when you experiment with your whole head.

In summary though, avoiding styles that will pull the hair strand, avoiding use of products that will clog the pores, reducing split ends, eating well, and exercising on a regular basis are all the things that you need to get started on a journey to fast hair growth.