Hair loss is highly traumatic for women, and can result from a number of different factors. Partial hair loss may come as the result of hormonal changes, or as a response to stress. Some hair loss is also common during pregnancy. More serious cases of hair loss in women may result from hormonal imbalances and examples of alopecia, which can lead to full and irreversible hair loss if not treated. Other forms of hair loss come from the over tightening of braids and forms of compulsive hair pulling.

In these cases, there are hair loss treatments that can help to slow and reduce problems. Among the most commonly used treatment solutions that don’t involve surgery, drugs like minoxidil and finasteride can be applied to the scalp to help stimulate growth. At the more extreme end of hair loss, transplant options like Follicular Unit Extraction can achieve results by removing and implanting healthy hairs from other parts of the head onto affected areas. Transplant options are often a last course, and tend to be very expensive. Many women opt for hair extensions, high quality wigs and volumising hair pieces. However, another option for hair loss in women is Keranique.


Keranique represents a unique system for hair loss, in that it provides a number of different complementary treatments that can help to treat hair thinning and scalp problems, while also containing the ingredients for hair loss targeting. Keranique products are designed to specifically deal with female biochemistry and hormonal imbalances, and are primarily intended to boost hair regrowth and thicken existing hair areas through balanced shampoos and conditioners, while using intensive scalp treatments to boost follicles, and regrowth formula as a more significant option. In this way, Keranique can be used in part, or full, to achieve results for hair loss.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Keranique shampoos and conditioners are distinct from other kinds of shampoo in the sense that they don’t contain sulfates, which can damage the hair. These shampoos are designed to soothe the scalp and to clean and condition the hair and scalp without leading to dryness and brittle hair. Typical shampoo programs involve massaging into the scalp on a regular basis, and the use of conditioners that contain moisturising nutrients. Regular use of both shampoo and conditioner can help to better treat the scalp for women that have had problems with other products.

Serums and Hair Loss

Intensive scalp treatments are also available as a Keranique product. These scalp treatments are intended to be massaged into the scalp, with the aim of thickening and boosting follicle growth and health. In this way, the serum acts as a way of boosting natural hair growth.

Another option is to use a regrowth formula, which contains minoxidil that targets particular areas of thinning or lost hair in small doses over an extended period of time. This regrowth formula should not be used alongside intensive scalp treatments, but should be viewed as a long term treatment on top of shampoo and conditioners. Minoxidil contains chemicals that stimulate hair growth, and has been clinically proven to help slow the rate of hair thinning, while promoting healthy scalps.

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