There are many things that can cause hair loss which are stress, smoking, hormonal factors, unbalanced nutrition. Good news is you can find natural treatments that will beneficial for hair health and natural treatment also safe for your health because it doesn’t have any side effect. So before you decide to use hair loss product you can try these method to prevent and stop hair loss.

Eating for Healthy Hair

All the food that good for the body will be good also for your hair. There are also other substances that are specifically needed for healthy hair such as omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, zinc, vitamin B12 . We often lack of concern with these substances although these substance actually play an important role of hair loss.

Food supplements that are also recommended to be consumed is biotin. Biotin is often used by doctors to treat hair loss, because this substance is the main component of hair growth, skin and nails.

Here are the top 3 food that good for your hair

  1. Salmon
  2. Dark Green Vegetables – Spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard
  3. Beans

Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss

If you want the safest treatment for your hair,  green tea is the best answer. Several studies in Japan show that drinking green tea can increase certain substances called sex hormone binding globulin, which inhibits the activity of hormonal that will triggers hair loss. In addition, green tea is also useful as antioxidants and have anti-cancer effects.

Hair Loss and Hair Cosmetic Products

We already know that using  hair cosmetics such as hair dyes can cause damage to your hair, so for preventing hair loss you can  find other hair style that does not require so much blow-drying.

Harsh shampoo also can damage your hair, this type of shampoo are tough on hair and can cause early demise of hair strand, you can use Nioxin for your hair treatment to make sure that your hair will get the best treatment to preventing and stop hair loss.

Do Exercise

You can do simple exercise like jogging or taking aerobic class, with exercise you can increase the blood supply to your scalp which is good to keep follicles healthy and producing well.