Hairstyle for Thinning Hair. Most women with fine, effective or thin hair have to be creative with their selections of hairstyle. If they are currently using a thickening hair product, they still have to wait for at least another six month to get the result of the treatment. In the meantime, they have their appearance to attend to. Here are some hair style tips for women with thinning hair.

Short hair style. The main advantage of cutting your thinning hair short is that you will be able to reduce or even eliminate weight that each fleece has to bear. Excessive weight can easily drag a fleece down so that reducing the weight is a great way to prevent your hair from more losses. To create a thicker appearance, it is recommended that you keep the top layer longer and heavier.

Bob hair style. A chin length bob hair style is worth your try if you do not prefer the short cut. The principle of this style is that you should be able to keep your hair in one length because this will creates a thicker hair illusion. The shape too will be looked solid and remain that way for some time. If you do not want more hassles with your thinning hair, this style will be great because you will not be prompted to use hair products that may damage your hair.

Medium curly hair style. When your thinning fine hair is straight and of medium length, you can change your hair’s texture into curls to make it appeared thicker. Except of if your hair is naturally curly, you will need chemicals to do the change. To prevent the negative side effects, it is wise to contact your stylist or doctor for this matter. The very nature of curly hair makes it looked thicker and fuller because the shape creates bounce and body. When you apply this style, your hair will be easy to be layered. For less damaging process, it is recommended that you employ slight crunch drying.

Straight long hair style. A slight hair cut at the length of your shoulders can be a great alternative if you don’t want to cut your hair shorter. The cut should be straight-across, which means that the back and the sides must be cut in a horizontal or line-like. Hence the overall length of your thinning hair should be the same. This style gives you a thicker-looking hair because your hair keeps its shape by sitting right on your shoulders. It also doesn’t fan out, a movement which can expose the true condition of your hair.

You cannot deny the thinning condition of your hair. However, you can still achieve a thicker looking hair if you give above hair style alternatives a try. Nevertheless, to make your effort more effective and efficient, a consultation with your hairstylist or doctor is highly recommended.