Could your hair be trying to communicate something to you about your overall body health? Most probably yes. Some medications and conditions which negatively affect your body could have adverse effects on your hair, with or without your knowledge. In some other situations, you may only need to take better care of your body and your hair will grow healthy and natural.

The first simple tip that will help prevent hair loss in women is avoiding too much exposure to sunlight. Too much exposure to direct sunlight can turn hair into a very weak, dry mop that splits and breaks easily.

And if you are already suffering from thinning hair, you could be risking sunburns on your scalp, which will only worsen the whole situation. Choosing hair care products that contain a sunscreen could provide you with some level of sun protection, despite the fact that it can be tough to coat the whole head surface evenly. It is because of this that you are advised to always wear a hat each time you are out in the sun.

Could a crash diet be costing you’re your luscious hair? In most extreme cases it could. We all know that the hair needs iron and proteins to stay healthy and lustrous, alongside Vitamin A, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. Low calcium diets are always lacking in enough nutrients and can lead to stunted hair growth, limp, or dull hair.

If the deficiency is substantial enough, it can lead to hair loss. Take foods rich in all vital hair nutrients and minerals including whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. These foods could have a double effect as foods rich enough for your hair are always great for your heart.

Scalp massage is also an important natural tip when it comes to preventing hair loss in women. While there is no direct relation between massage and slowing hair loss or promoting stunted hair growth, it is a widely known fact that scalp massage can do miracles to relieve anxiety and stress. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that stress is a main contributor of most hair loss problems today.

Because the scalp has nerve endings, it makes it highly sensitive to touch therefore rubbing the scalp could release stress and tension. Still on point, massage could release feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, vital hormones for healthy hair growth.

The same holds true for other natural tips such as meditation and exercising. Simple exercises like meditation and yoga, walking briskly, jogging and other simple aerobics could have amazing effects on your hair. How? Not only does meditation and work out help get rid of stress, experts believe that the body increases its testosterone levels, which subsequently reduce DHT formation, a male hormone believed to be responsible for most hair loss problems today.

Exercising further promotes healthy hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and the more blood circulates to your scalp, the healthier your hair will be.