The Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex, as the name would suggest, is a dietary supplement from industry giants Nioxin, which facilitates healthy hair growth, nails, as well as the skin. Yes, the product is that effective. It is a case of killing not one, not two, but three birds, literally with one stone.

Not only will you experience a mammoth growth in hair, your nails too will improve significantly in size and strength and so is the skin. In other words, it could be time to say goodbye to the annoying acne breakouts that can’t seem to go away.

The Nioxin Recharging Complex is infused with a number of active ingredients, namely co-zyme 10 and a mixture of herbs, vitamins, as well as amino acids, all essentials for lustrous hair growth. The nutrients in these products are derived from wild Yams among other 100% natural resources. What this therefore means is that because it lacks artificial fillers or binders, it will facilitate purity and the optimal bioactivity.

The product, which is largely available in Amazon, comes already pre-dissolved, thus facilitating immediate absorption by your body, making all essential nutrients bio-available for maximum efficiency and absorption. The good news is that it is a safe product for use for both women and men. With that being said, every product must have its pros and cons, at least from previous users.

Pros of the Nioxin Intensive recharging complex

–          Faster hair growth. This is expected as the product is manufactured specifically for that purpose.

–          Elongated and strengthened nails. This is particularly important for women who really value and treasure their nails. With the Nioxin Intensive recharging complex, you can rest assured that your nails will not break or split each time you come in contact with water.

–          Have you ever suffered from acne or skin-related problems? Then you have another reason to take a closer look at the Nioxin Intensive recharging complex. Most people who have used this product report that their acne breakouts are no more. They end up with smooth, supple acne-free skin.

–          Being a natural dietary supplement, very little-to-no side effects are reported with the use of the Nioxin Intensive recharging complex.

Cons of the Nioxin Intensive recharging complex

–          If you only wanted hair on your head, you should brace yourself because the boost in hair growth will take place just about everywhere on your body where there is hair. Name them all, the armpits, the arms, legs, probably the chest for the men, the eyebrows, the head… and yes, even where you are thinking!


In summary therefore, the Nioxin Intensive recharging complex is a real blessing in disguise for all those beauty problems you have been experiencing, from acne breakouts, to weak nails, to thinning hair and all else in between. Further, it comes at a very affordable price tag so it’s available for the average citizen who may not afford the costly, and often side-effects’ laden surgery to boost hair growth.