Thinning hair is an issue that all women may struggle with at some point in their lives, due to hormones, stress, health issues, and the normal aging process. However, it is possible to look great by disguising thinning hair in clever ways, and still maintain modern fashionable hairstyles. Read on to learn about many options when trying to keep thinning hair from making you feel less than attractive as a woman.

Women today have so many choices when it comes to modern hair styles. Instead of long, limp hair – opt for a modern bob with plenty of bounce thanks to layers that hide thin spots. Try an asymmetrical style with a sharp angle that draws the eye to the face more and off the back of your scalp. Add in a streak of color or all-over highlights to take years off.

Try a cropped style that keeps hair close to the head, with plenty of pomade to create the illusion of more hair at the bangs and crown. This will even out the hair levels, and you can comb hair into multiple fashionable looks with one haircut. Try a bright color like platinum blonde or ravishing red to bring out the beauty in your eyes.

For an updated take on the classic up-do, try clip on hair extensions that can be added to both the back of your hair and your bangs. This is a great go-to style for anyone who works outside the home or has a party to go to. In minutes, you can pull your existing hair back in a ponytail, and clip in the extensions for a stunning look.

If you have a lot of thinning around your face or bangs, you can also consider a side part with long sweeping bangs that are fashionable today. Use a hair texturing product like a thickening mouse while drying your hair with a large round brush. Lift at the roots for maximum coverage, and then finish your style off with a light spritz.

Hair that is thinning all over will benefit from an above the shoulders style with tight layers that are defined by styling gel. Try air drying your hair, then adding in a texturizing product while you focus on the layers around your face and neck. Use the fingers to lift the hair and create the look of thicker tresses. This is an especially flattering style for older women.

For coverage on small sections of thinning hair, add a pretty hair barrette that sweeps some longer layers over the these spots. Or try a headband with a large flower or feather to conceal thin areas. Some ladies also opt for small hair pieces that easily clip in, which can be obtained from any beauty store in a complimentary tone. You’ll feel like a teenager again when you add in fashionable hair accessories.

Having thinning hair as a woman does not have to be a social stigma. Experiment with your hair to find the best, modern hairstyle that compliments your lifestyle and appearance.

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Angie writes for Philip James Salon, a Chicago based salon that specializes in hair extensions. When Angie isn’t writing or styling she usually has her nose in a book, or browsing around on Pinterest.